Game Guardian Apk Download No Root (GGuardian): iGameGuardian for iOS and Android

Game Guardian is apk tool to hack / alter games. GGuardian download (iGameGuardian) app to play around mostly offline and some online video games. It helps in modifying various aspects of Android games in order to get an extra edge over others.

Download GameGuardian for Android

With its help, the users can change the numbers of life, SP, HP, etc. as they want. You can do it if honesty doesn’t matter to you. It works on code injection principle during the game runtime. Thus, you can modify the parameters you want for free.

Game Guardian Apk Download for Android

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How to use GameGuardian

Once downloaded and installed, you can leave GameGuardian running in the background. A semi transparent icon will appear at all times. While playing any game, tap on it to open GGuardian app and change whatever number you want. You can use GGuardian hexadecimal editor to find and replace the number you wish for.

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Also, GameGuardian can modify the internal clock of various apps and the device itself. It’s a paradise for gamers. They usually change the date when they seek immediate improvements which requires a number of hours to build up. Holding down the finger on the floating icon can increase of decrease the flow of time.

Basically, this is a cheat app and mostly goes without saying it. While playing server based games, if developers detected that you have been cheating, then they may disable your account. Take it as a gentle warning. You may need to enable ‘installation from unknown sources’ as you are not installing it directly from the Google Play Store.

Game Guardian for iOS: iGameGuardian Download

It is particularly for iOS platform. Here is the updated app with latest version. It works with Jailbroken devices – iPhone and iPad.

  1. Copy the downloaded file in directory /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/
  2. Reboot your device, it will be installed automatically.
  3. After first reboot, Reboot again to take new configurations.

Download GGuardian for iOS

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