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MotioninJoy 0.7.1001 App: Download PS3 Controller DS3 Tool for Windows PC/Laptop

Download MotioninJoy apk file of the app from this site. Motion In Joy is an Android and iOS application that enables the users to play games with Playstation 3 (PS3) controller on computer (Windows PC). It has been one of the most comfortable of all times for lots of users.

MotioninJoy Download

To play games, you will need three things, logically. The first one being a PlayStation 3 controller, its recharge cable (USB, miniUSB), and the Motionin Joy app installed on the PC (desktop / laptop). It is completely free to use tool and doesn’t require any high pre-requisites.

MotioninJoy Download

MotioninJoy apk, MotioninJoy download, MotioninJoy 0.7.1001, motioninjoy windows 10, motioninjoy offline, motioninjoy not working, motioninjoy alternative, how to use motioninjoy

Click on the link given above to download. After downloading the application, if not installed, then install the application and connect the controller to the computer with the USB cable. When in a doubt on how to do it, just open the official website and follow the tutorial available. Following it, you will be able to use it in couple of seconds.

How To Use MotioninJoy

For noobs, it is very simple and you don’t need to be afraid of performing complex operations. It’s just like opening the application by clicking on it and loading that appears on the applications’ tab. In a matter of seconds, all will be ready. In the end, you just need to give the final finishing touches as per the player.

Those small and final marks are the buttons’ configuration of the controller like vibration, etc. It’s all done to make sure that the PlayStation 3 controller works as per your desired taste.

Thus, MotioninJoy turns out to be a required software program for Playstation 3 users/owners who want to play on PC. It’s because it allows the user to play all the games on PC using the same controller to which he/she is used to. The best part is that the configuration can be done in just under two minutes.

MotioninJoy Offline Installer (Windows 10)

MotioninJoy Not Working (Better DS3 Not Detecting Controller)

For anyone who is having trouble with the “local” file for motion joy and doesn’t want to give up on it make sure
– you run DS3_Tool.exe as admin (that was my mistake as stupid as it sounds)
– the “Local” file is in the same location as “DS3_Tool.exe”
– you click local in the Motion Joy application, just right of the home icon in the top left.

If MotioninJoy is not detecting the controller, then you should try its alternatives given on the page.

Check: Dolphin Emulator apk.

MotioninJoy Features

  • PS3 Experience on PC
  • Quick Setup
  • Free of cost
  • Supports Windows 10
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Small Size
  • Ads Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple controller types available to emulate (DS1, DS2, DS3, Xbox, custom)

MotioninJoy Cons

  • Sets browser’s homepage to, a Chinese site full of malware.
  • Overrides USB and Bluetooth drivers and can render them useless until it and its associated drivers are removed.
  • Controller need DS3 Tool opened to be used.
  • Profile selection required each time.
  • Updates are no frequent.
  • Tough to remove/uninstall.
  • Sometimes, it may not work and gives errors

MotioninJoy Alternatives

Here are two alternatives.

  • SCP Driver Package: It’s an open source driver for the DS3 to be used on Microsoft Windows. It comes withFilter Driver + Wrapper (discontinued)
    Xinput Driver (can use USB and Bluetooth) [recommended]If the Xinput Driver doesn’t work or you don’t want to use, then you must use MiJ.
  • Better DS3: It’s an improved frontend for MiJ without ads and malware. It’s better than nothing, but worse than SCP Driver Package.

If using it with an Original Xbox controller Mayflash provide a signed Windows driver for those, the driver on site for PC018 Super Joy Box 9, PC019 Super Joy Box 10, and PC020 Super Joy Box 11. Use with x360ce if 360 controller emulation is required

MotioninJoy Uninstallation

First of all, uninstall it from the Control Panel. Then, open the command prompt (CMD) as an administrator and run the following command.

pnputil.exe -e

Find MotioninJoy in the list that comes up and type:

pnputil.exe -f -d oem#.inf

Replace the # with MotioninJoy’s number. If you faced any issue with Bluetooth devices, you should now reinstall the original drivers for those devices.

NOTE: MiJ will still be in your registry even after this, it shouldn’t cause any problems, but you may want to open regedit and delete anything tied to MotioninJoy.

Next to this do a:


And delete the oem#.inf from there.

Next to this do a:

pnputil.exe -e

If you did it well you won’t see the MotioninJoy¬†OEM any more.

MotioninJoy apk, MotioninJoy download, MotioninJoy 0.7.1001, motioninjoy windows 10, motioninjoy offline, motioninjoy not working, motioninjoy alternative, how to use motioninjoy
motioninjoy download

Motioninjoy FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have some coding skills to install Motioninjoy?
Ans. No, it doesn’t require any specific technical knowhow.

2. How much does Motioninjoy costs? Any subscription fee?
Ans. It is completely free of cost.

3. How to fix Motioninjoy error: The request could not be satisfied?
Ans. Just re-check the drivers if they are updated. If you can’t solve the issue, then feel free to contact the support.

4. Why Motion-injoy is not working on my computer/PC?
Ans. You can always copy the program from other PC where the drivers are already installed. Then, copy the same into Program Files>>Motioninjoy>>ds3.

5. Which Playstation does Motionin-joy supports?
Ans. You can play with multiple controller types DS1, DS2, DS3, Xbox, custom.

6. Does it come with advertisements?
Ans. No, it’s not bombarded with ads. A good user experience is its main motive.

7. How much time does the installation process require?
Ans. It gets finished in around 2 minutes.

8. Can i configure Motioninjoy using bluetooth?
Ans. Yes, it does support both bluetooth and USB connections with PS3.

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